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Dit berichtje vond ik op de internationale mailing-list HPV-digest.

Sofa-fiets, klinkt wel grappig.
Wat vind je van bikovkowishtsh als het russische woord voor fiets?

Mark J Matarella schrieb:
>  I found it amusing that when using the DEC Altavista sites web page
> translation service that a page that appeared to be in German to English
> the word Liegerad came out as 'Couch Wheels'! ;-)
>  Mark

                            Hi Mark,
    That's what I call a word-for-word translation(Liege=couch, Rad=wheel).
    Think of Mark Rehders favourite term: Sofacykel. Perhaps we should try
find a world-wide accepted , clear, simple and obvious name. Just imagine:

       English      -      SOFA bike
       German       -      SOFA(hr)rad
       Danish       -      SOFA cykel
       Dutch        -      SOFA fiets
       Italian      -      SOFA cicletta
       Russian      -      SOFA bikovkowishtsh
       Japanese     -      SOFA #{~$>/\^&
       Suisse       -  VeloSOFA (The Suisse always gotta have s.th.

  You know what I mean? From know on there will be a world-wide expression
  recumbent:   SOFA +  x ( Suisse: x+ SOFA)
                         x =  national term for bike
     The international generic term will be:  SOFAMOBILES
     abbreviation:     SOFA

That's short, simple and catchy , it's  brilliant. I only see one minor
problem : the United Nations have to come to an unanimous agreement, but
easy,isn't it? ;-)
                                       Kurt the sofa-rider
   _ at        at                 at 
_ <<       \\_/\_%        #\\_/\_%                            
*)/(*)    (*)  (*)        ((*)  (*)

Met hart. groeten.
Arybert Lekkerkerk 
arybert.l at consunet.nl

-- End --

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