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Re: spiegeltjes

Het volgende e-mailtje stuurde ik meer dan een maand geleden naar 
<export at 3rd-eye.com> en gisteren kreeg ik een doosje terug met -
twee nieuwe spiegeltjes! Wat een klantenservice!

  ----- knip -----
> From:          Self <FS-IAM-1/MAIER>
> To:            export at 3rd-eye.com
> Subject:       3rd eye products in Europe/The Netherlands
> Reply-to:      maier at jrc.nl
> Date:          Wed, 17 Sep 1997 11:52:00 GMT+0200

> Hi!
> I am a recumbent rider and user of your eye glass mirror since March
> 1997. The mirror worked absolutely perfect until the clamp part
> which goes onto my glasses broke, possibly due to my using it
> (putting on & off my glasses) at least twice per day. The plastic
> material doesn't seem to survive this bending forth and back for
> more than about half a year.
> Questions:
> 1. Is there any effort made to improve the durability of this part? 
> 2. Instead of mail ordering, I would prefer to have a dealer where I
>    can get spare parts or 3rd eye products in general. Can you
>    supply an address of an importer or retailer here in Europe, most
>    preferably in the Netherlands?
> Thanks very much in advance.
> Regards,
> Mark Maier
  ----- knip -----

Helaas zat geen antwoord op mijn vraag 2 erbij.

Tevredene groetjes, 

-- End --

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