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White Lightning in Europe - A Report

Een paar weken geleden heb ik deze lijst gefraagt of iemand weet of 
en waar de amerikaanse kettingsmeermiddel White Lightning te koopen

Toen kwamen alleen discussiebijdragen over kettingsmeermiddelen maar 
geen informatie over de verkrijgbaarheid van WL. 

Dezelfde vraag stelde ik ook aan de internationale HPV mailing list. 
Hier is een korte verslag van de resultaten, die ik naar de IHPV 
discussie lijst stuurde:
Having come back from 1.5 weeks off work (found more than 550 HPV 
mails in my box...), I am reporting about my inquiries on WL in 

                 Main thing: I finally got it!!!

First of all, *many*many* thanks to Richard Loke, Carole Leone and 
John H Downer JR, who answered my request on distributors of WL in 
The Netherlands, Germany, or Europe in general.

Richard offered to send some bottles from the UK, and got me the 
phone number of his LBS (local bicycle shop = plaatselijke dealer) 
who has got WL in stock. 

Carole contacted the manufacturers of WL in the US, offered to take 
some to the championships in Cologne and sent the name and phone of 
the importer in Belgium.

John called the 1-800 number twice and got me the importer's name and 
phone, too.

So I was able to call the Belgian number and got the address of a 
little shop in Amsterdam as the closest dealer to where I live. Last 
week I visited this shop and actually found the desired liquid there! 
They only had the small bottles, so I bought 4. 
I am REAL happy now :-)
To sum up, here are the facts: 

The importer in Belgium:  Filipsport, phone: +32-2657-3733

The shop in Amsterdam:    Captain Bicycles
                          Overtoom 528

For the Dutch on this list (de Amsterdamers): The shop is about half 
an hour walk from Leidseplein (didn't have my Brompton folder with me 
:-( and quite small, stuffed with high-tech MTB parts, but even had a 
nice little second-hand Challenge Hurricane in front of the window. 
I didn't find the name Captain Bicycles on it but the word 
'Mountainbikes' is written in large letters above the window. 
HFL 15,- for a small bottle of WL.

Thanks again to all the helpful people!


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                                  INSTITUTE FOR ADVANCED MATERIALS 
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