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Newborn bike

Hi all,

Last week I completed the construction of my latest recumbent. 
FWD with moving BB. It is very low. The bottom bracket is just in front
of the front wheel. The geometry must be one of the fastest you can build without 
going for fairings.

dual 28" wheels
seat height 30 cm (12")
BB height: 54 cm (21.5")
seat angle 28.5 degrees from horizontal
trail approx. 10 cm
headset angle 40 degrees
material: composites
weight: 10.3 kg including rear rack and dynamo lighting system
Steer: ASS, only one smal vertical pole without a crossbar (single 
hand steering).
Weight distribution: 55 to 60 % on frontwheel
Suspension: only rear, same principle as the latest Kingcyle Wasp. 

It is a rather experimental machine, the height and steering 
geometry differ vastly from what is usual.
Up to now I have driven it a few times around the block, and the 
feeling is good. Very stable at higher speeds, no hands driving is 
easy. At low speed the bike has a tendency to fall into the curve, 
but this tendency is easily corrected using the single hand steering. 
Sitting that low is an entirely new sensation for me.
More information on request.

                  Merijn Wijnen
                  m.wijnen at ind.tno.nl

Job location:                       Private adress:
Oostsingel 209                      A. Petersweg 15
PB 5073                             2552 JZ The Hague
2600 GB Delft                       Tel: +70-3910367
Tel: +15-2608891
Fax: +15-2608846
                  The Netherlands

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