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(Fwd) Re: [hpv] Age, Height, Weight

Een vraag van de IHPVA-mailing list:

------- Forwarded Message Follows -------
Date:          Fri, 10 Jan 1997 19:48:57 +0100
To:            "Merijn Wijnen" <wijnen at tno.prc.tno.nl>
From:          ____HPVert Alert____ <ianf at random.se>
Subject:       Re: [hpv] Age, Height, Weight

Hi Merijn,
  would you happen to have a current e-mail, or fax # to
  Bram Moens, or other prominent Dutch recumbent riders,
  whom I could ask to participate in our survey? I just
  convinced Mike Burrows to partake, and really would like
  to have there Brams as well.

  If you participate in any local HPV-discussion group,
  perhaps you could repost the appended form there, and
  solicit for entries?

  Thanks in advance, especially for #1 ;-))


  _________________________________ ______ __________________________
  HPV Rider Profile INFORMAL Survey        send in to: ianf at random.se

  I have taken over from Shari Bernhard, who's temporarily between
  jobs, the task of assembly, cleanup and formatting of the
  recumbent rider bio data.  It's gonna be a real treat to us all... 
  I've never seen that entertaining a collection of people facts and
  trivia.  All 186 of the 250 of us on the HPV-list, or so.  Which
  makes it one of the **highest** reply-frequency surveys, that I
  know of. It is really shaping up to become a major resource for 
  all present and future readers of the www.ihpva.org site, to see 
  if they "fit" into the mold :-)) I already discovered that, at 
  47 years of age, I was hardly an odd man out there, but seem to
  belong to the middle-aged majority for once! Nor was that a sole
  statistical-psychological insight derived while working with the
  data.  Indeed...  this, more even than horses, seems to be a
  mature, professional woman's sport. 

  And no, because we do not collect any total or disposable income
  data, the survey's pretty useless from a marketing point of view.
  But not so from purely sociological one (I also accept pseudony-
  mous entries). I guess we need all the knowledge about ourselves 
  we can gather. Please complete it best you can.

  At the same time: we go METRIC. If you can translate your weight
  and height (Mass/Size) into kg and cm, and append them after the
  imperial units in brackets, you'd be saving me a lot of grief.

  _________________ ________________________ ___________________

  and send it back to me, Ian Feldman <ianf at random.se>

  or by FAX to +46 8 653 5958

  * The "Likes:" field is for hobbies, etc.

  * Observe that in the "Climbs:" field we'd _prefer_ a common
    numerical scale of 5: great climbing ability --to-- 1: a slug.

  * On my own I have also added an extra field, "Rides:", which is
    for the (approximate total) number of miles OR kilometers ridden
    PER YEAR (be sure to include the correct unit; default is metric).



PS. I enclose David Gordon Wilson's listing for comparison... as
    you see you're not limited to single lines; you can write in
    most fields as long as you wish.

   Name: David Gordon (Dave) Wilson <dgwilson at mit.edu>
    Age: M 68.9
   Mass: 75 kg (165 lbs)
   Size: 1816 mm (5'11.5")  (cm. aren't allowed in SI, right?)
  Bikes: Avatar 2000, Wold-Delaire recumbent tandem; Ryan Duplex recumbent 
         tandem; Regular tandem, not much used nowadays; Pocket Bicycle folder;
         also in the stable: the Wilson-Willkie modification of Fred Willie's 
         Green Planet Special II (made to my sketches); Avatar 1000.
  Rides: Used to ride 16,000 km (10,000 miles) a year. Now ride a 26-km round
         trip each work day, plus weekend and vacation rides, so I'd guess
         that I do 8000 km, 5000 miles, a year. I've had at least 15 cycle-
         computers, not one of which has lasted a year, so I have to guess.
         The 16,000-km years were measured on old mechanical Lucas cyclometers.
  Where: Mass, USA and on into New Hampshire, Maine and sometimes
         Vermont, New York (recent AIDS ride there).  New Zealand (South 
         Island tour three years ago.)
  Works: at MIT
  Likes: hiking, biking, tennis, engineering, old music, being married to
 Climbs: Mt. Washington, the Herzfellen (?), I'd guess that I was a 4,
         now a 3.
  Beard: Couldn't grow one when I tried many years ago.

                  Merijn Wijnen
                  m.wijnen at ind.tno.nl

Job location:                       Private adress:
Oostsingel 209                      A. Petersweg 15
PB 5073                             2552 JZ The Hague
2600 GB Delft                       Tel: +70-3910367
Tel: +15-2608891
Fax: +15-2608846
                  The Netherlands

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