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Re: [hpv] Fences against crosswinds in the NLs?

Forwarding from HPV mailing list:    
Fuchs Andreas <fuchs at isbe.ch> wrote:

> In the local newspaper BZ (Berner Zeitung) from Feb-4 97 I found a short
> article about fences to be built along a planned fast lane for bicycles
> between Helmond, Eindhoven and Nuenen in the Netherlands. The purpose of
> the fences is to hold off the crosswind.
> According to the article 'with a new kind of bicycles it is possible to
> be nearly as fast as with cars'.
> Well: Do they think of faired recumbents?
> People from the Netherlands, is the above message correct!? Heard about
> that fast lane with wind-breaking fences?

Wie heeft iets hiervan gehoort?

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