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Re: [hpv] Fences against crosswinds in the NLs?

> Forwarding from HPV mailing list:    
> Fuchs Andreas <fuchs at isbe.ch> wrote:
> > In the local newspaper BZ (Berner Zeitung) from Feb-4 97 I found a short
> > article about fences to be built along a planned fast lane for bicycles
> > between Helmond, Eindhoven and Nuenen in the Netherlands. The purpose of
> > the fences is to hold off the crosswind.
> > 
> > According to the article 'with a new kind of bicycles it is possible to
> > be nearly as fast as with cars'.
> > Well: Do they think of faired recumbents?
> > 
> > People from the Netherlands, is the above message correct!? Heard about
> > that fast lane with wind-breaking fences?
> Wie heeft iets hiervan gehoort?

Volgens mij was dit laatst op 't journaal of bij '2 vandaag'. Een snelweg 
voor fietsers, zonder kruisingen met autowegen enz.

Groeten, Chris.
Chris Teuben, Rekencentrum Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
URL: http://rc.service.rug.nl/~cat

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