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RE: Nieuw op hpv mailinglist


Ik ben ook lid van de internationale mailinglist, iemand daar had hetzelfde 
idee als jij. Zie hieronder..

Groeten, Leon Wubbe.
From: owner-hpv
To: Richard Drdul
Cc: HPV List
Subject: [hpv] FD Front drive out of junk
Date: 25 February 1997 16:15

Richard Drdul wrote:
> At 09:54 PM 2/24/97 -0800, Bill Patterson wrote:
> >I can explain the building a junk FWD if you folks are interested. Its a
> >good cheap way to start.
> Yes, please do.  I'd love to build a junker FWD to try it out.

A few people were interested in the Junk FD.

Find two 20 inch wheel bikes. Keep the best one ,with fork rake, for the 
FRAME. THe other bike will be cut up to form the REAR TRIANgLE.

1.  cut the top tube just in front of the seat post.
2  cut the down tube just in front of the bottom bracket shell. You now have 
a REAR TRIaNGLE with  wheel chain and crank still in place.
3.  Remove the front wheel from the frame and bend the front fork of the 
 FRAME ooutward so that it will slide over the rear wheel of the REAR 
4. attach the top tube portion of the rear triangle to the front brake 
portion of the frame. remember to turn the fork around so that the fork rake 
is backward.
5.  the bottom bracket of the rear triangle should now be sticking out in 
front of the bike.  Attach the seat to the top tube of the frame so that the 
seat back is 35 or more inches from the spindle of the bottom bracket.
6. Bend the ape hanger handle bars you have laying on the floor of your 
garage together so they can stick up between your legs while riding.  Attach 
to the stem.
7 . ride away.

A picture of this process is in a 1991 issue of Human Power.  It isn't my 

My strong suggestion is the rotation of the front fork of the frame before 
you attach the triangle. You will do alot of sideways pushing on the seat 
back. Be sure it is securely attached. alot of bailing wire, duct tape and 
many hose clamps are necessary for any design project.

Don't do any high speed downhills and ride only on soft concrete.

have fun


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