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Re: zitjes

>type zitje:  Origineel M5 zitje
>type fiets: M5
>afstand:   20 km
>lengte:   184
>man / vrouw:   mannnetje
>pasvorm:    4
>comfort:     4
>zweten:    2
>probleem punt 1:   onderrug,,
>probleem punt 2:   
>te hol/bol punt 1:    bol
>type zitschuim:     reycoflex
>hardheid:    goed,
>opmerkingen en suggesties:

'Nick Cave, Moon in the Gutter, my favourite of his solo songs
Much better then In the Ghetto
The true crooner of his age
The poet man who is almost the male Lydia Lunch
Nick Cave understands the true torture of his soul
A beautiful, beautiful, sad dong

Gavin Friday after listening to The Moon is in the Gutter

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