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Re/ Spiegeltjes

uit een oude correspondentie op het CYCLING Forum van CS pik het volgende n.a.v.
een vraag aan Bob Steele die een achteruitkijkspiegeltje op zijn bril gemonteerd

The Hind Site 20/20 can be purchased thru
 King's Cyclery
 5111 59th Ave Ct. W.
 Tacoma, Washington 98467
 phone 206-564-7760

 They make this mirror in a prescription and non-prescription model. The model
 also varies for the type of sunglasses you have (lens curvature). The cost for
 the prescription model was $35 and I think the non-prescription is $15-20.

 I have gradually fine-tuned the position of the mirror on my sunglasses and it
 has been very useful especially on my recumbent which I ride most of the time.
 The position is very close to correct for my upright bike which I ride on rare
 occasions. The location of the mirror on the glasses lens is noticeable at
 first but now I am not aware of it until I am actually looking at it. It
 reminds me of the first day or two with new glasses frames.

Weet iemand of er in NL ook dergelijke spiegeltjes te koop zijn ?

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