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[hpv] UCI legalize HPV and recumbents

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>From: HungChang_at_BLDG2 at ca.slr.com
>Date: Tue, 01 Apr 97 10:08:01 PST
>To: hpv at ihpva.org
>Subject: [hpv] UCI legalize HPV and recumbents
>Sender: owner-hpv at ihpva.org
>     In an astounding turn of events, the conservative UCI committee has 
>     decided to accept HPV and recumbents and banned the use of uprights in 
>     the racing community. UCI officials commented,"We are proud to have 
>     these superior racing machines combined with their comfort and safety 
>     under our organization.  HPVs and recumbents will truly be the bicycle 
>     of the 21st century."  
>     Most professional cyclists are ecstatic about the decision made by 
>     UCI.  One pro cyclists said,"We no longer have to suffer the painful 
>     riding position.  Now we can race in comfort and not have to worry 
>     about crashing over our handlebars."  Grame Obree, the hour record 
>     holder, marveled, "the UCI decision is wonderful.  Now I get to try 
>     even more bizarre aerodynamic positions."
>     All major bicycle manufacturers are rushing to their research and 
>     design department to get a head start on this new generation of 
>     bicycles.  However, there are still the small minority of traditional 
>     cyclist who refuse to give up their upright bicycles.  To show their 
>     disdain of UCI, these traditionalists join an obscure organization 
>     called IHPVA.
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