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Trikes en treinen

Het onderstaande komt van de internationale HPV mailing lijst.
Wellicht kan iemand van deze lijst daar gericht antwoord op

>From: "John Wells" <j.wells at latrobe.edu.au>
>Date: Fri, 02 May 97 13:19:27 +1000
>Subject: [hpv] Cycles and trains in Europe
>(I know this was canvassed a year or so ago, but at that stage I
>didn't have any immediate interest in the subject, so took only
>passing notice...)
>Can anybody tell me about the ease (or otherwise) of taking cycles on
>European trains? (For the present purpose Europe should be taken to
>include the UK. I don't want to make a political statement!)
>Actually the main interest centres on potential hassles (if any) in
>getting two Greenspeed trikes on trains in Holland and nearby
>countries. My wife and I will be in Holland for about 4 months this
>year, and hope to do some touring in continental Europe, as well as
>making a short visit to the UK. We'll then be in northern Sweden for
>the winter, but that's another story.
>Any comments, experiences, etc would be gratefully received. Please
>email me directly, unless you think that the rest of the HPV world
>will be vitally interested.

Henry Kompagnie
hkompagn at alm.nl.fluke.nl

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