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Re: !YOUR input needed for 2nd HPV CD-ROM! (ffw)

---- Forwarded from : Marielle Bakker & Sacha Knoop <fatima.dds.nl!nvhpv> ------

Op 15 Jul 1996, Oliver Zechlin schreef:

> Fellow HPV-enthusiasts,
> I am considering doing a 2nd HPV CD-ROM (yes, this time more user-friendly)
> IF
> I can get enough input/material from you guys out there.
> Unfortunately I can not attend the Euros/Cyclefest due to family and job
> responsibilities.  The mentioned events I got camera-covered by friends.
> So I am looking for HPV-related stuff (slides, prints, drawings, etc.)
> from individuals all over the world.  I would be the "clearing-house",
> the place where all gets put together and put out.  I'd like to have
> pictures from the Worlds' and other US-events, also take a look into
> your personal picture book (if you send stuff please include informations
> about the pictues, and if you need it back or not).
> Also http:// pages would be helpful.  If you don't mind having it on CD
> send me the address.
> Dealers and manufacturers can send me their brochures/videos/priceliste/
> whatever, they'll go into the /products-section, free of charge.
> Deadline would be christmas.  But please start sending now so I can
> spread the workload.
> My address:     Oliver Zechlin, Rud.-Breitscheid-Str. 10,
>                 D-90547 Stein, Germany
> Greetings, Oliver

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