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Re: NLHPV Digest V01 #97

>> Fellow HPV-enthusiasts,
>> I am considering doing a 2nd HPV CD-ROM (yes, this time more user-friendly)
>> IF
>> I can get enough input/material from you guys out there.
>> Deadline would be christmas.  But please start sending now so I can
>> spread the workload.
>> My address:     Oliver Zechlin, Rud.-Breitscheid-Str. 10,
>>                 D-90547 Stein, Germany
>> Greetings, Oliver

Ik zou graag Oliver's e-mail adres willen hebben. Ik kan een hele serie
(water)HPV objecten en evenementen digitaal opnemen; wie coordineert de
samenstelling van de CD-ROM ?

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