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Recumbent Tandem / Dutch Vacation

Hello everyone. My name is Bob Peterson. My wife and I own a Double Vision
recumbent tandem. We gathered your names from various places on the Net
because each of you has something to do with recumbent bicycles. 

We would like to do a 2-week tour of the Netherlands with the tandem but
shipping it by air looks like it would be a major problem. We were wondering
if there is anyone in the Netherlands who would be willing to loan - or rent
- us a recumbent tandem for the tour. It could be from any manufacturer. Do
any of you know of such a source?

Can you recommend any other people or organizations that we could contact? 

Does anyone have any suggestions about touring the Netherlands? Which month
has the best weather and least tourists on the road? Which areas can you
recommend? We would prefer to avoid the larger cities. We would be staying
at inns and guest houses - not camping. 

Thanks in advance for the help.

          Bob and Gretchen Peterson

Bob Peterson                              o      o
Vestal, New York 13850               \\_/\, \\_/\,    
gretchen at spectra.net                 (*)       (*)

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