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Re: Ligfiets en rugklachten?

Sorry for writing in English, but my Dutch would be 
ununderstandable. I can only read it.

The crucial point for back pain on a ligfiets is the shape of the 
seat. The normal shape of the backbone looks like a very softly bent 
'S' and this is the shape the seat should have, too. It should give 
support over the whole length of the rider's back.

The length of people's backbones is individual - so seats should be 
fitted individually, too. Same for the shape of backbones - the 
curvature should be fitted individually as well.

Of course making custom-built anatomic seats for every ligfiets rider 
is too expensive (for most of us), but some models have flexible 
seats that can be adjusted in some ways. The other possibility is to 
do it yourself: I am riding a FLEVO RACER and I must say that its 
seat (which can also be found on numerous other models, not only by 
FLEVO) is anatomically one of the worst you can think of (maybe 
together with the Windcheetah's). The backbone is supported to the 
shape of a 'C' rather than a 'S' (more like a bukfiets, that).
So what I did after getting quite a bit of back pain (commuting about 
26 km every day) was putting layers of foam material under the black 
seat cover (the like that was used for camping matresses some years 
ago) until the shape was like it should be. No problems since. 

Any experiences comparing hard shell seats to the garden chair type?


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