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last call: input for HPV97 CD-ROM needed (fwd)

---------- Doorgestuurd bericht ----------
Date: 01 Nov 1996 09:22:00 +0200
From: Oliver Zechlin <OZ at oz.msn.sub.org>
To: nvhpv at dds.nl
Cc: 100771.3023 at compuserve.com, 53-7712 at tnet.bluethun.com, agustavs at abo.fi,
    ahpva at crs.com.au, AlvinTChin at aol.com, bill_volk at lightspan.com,
    cbroome at arco.com, ecsbhk at ldecs.ericsson.se, fredu at america.com,
    gainesq at aol.com, hoelzle at dial.eunet.ch, j.riley16 at genie.geis.com,
    kzgxjs at exch.eds.com, lenhpv at aol.com, north at unlikey.com.br,
    pb at online.hallandsposten.se, pesch at pesch.gun.de, pwtccb at is.arcom.com,
    scarmel at smptgate.ssmc.noaa.gov
Subject: last call: input for HPV97 CD-ROM needed

# Nachricht vom 29.10.96 weitergeleitet
# Ursprung : hpv at ihpva.org  /  Ersteller: OZ at oz.msn.sub.org

Christmas is just around the corner, so you recumbendeers (may I call you  
Rudolph?) out there:

For the 2nd HPV CD-ROM (and the last one from me, promised), due out next  
spring, I am still trying to get my hands on HPV-related material.

If you have a web-page I could put on the CD - please contact me.
If you have fotos - please contact me.
If you have drawings, well whatever - please contact me.

If you are a manufacturer / dealer:  feel free to send brochures/price- 
listings/etc. - free "adspace"

This one is going to be mostly in .html-format (a la WWW), hence *much*  
more user-friendly than HPV96 (which is a HPV-collectors item  

Greetings from a stormy Germany, Oliver

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