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Doorgegeven bericht

Ik luister al enige tijd mee met zowel NLHPV mailing lijst
als met de HPV mailing lijst (engelstalig). Van de laatste ontving
ik het volgende bericht waar mogelijk iemand van de NLHPV een
oplossing voor weet.

Sorry voor het engels.
Henry Kompagnie,
(gestart met het bouwen van een eigen ligfiets,
 binnenkort alvast op een leenfiets.)

> From: Carl.Etnier at nlh10.nlh.no (Carl Etnier)
> Date: Wed, 4 Dec 1996 08:14:21 +0100
> Subject: [hpv] moving a Quadracycle north from Amsterdam
> Well, it might not be such a bright idea after all to fly my Quadracycle to
> Amsterdam. Shipping from the manufacturer's barn in Indiana to the Twin
> Cities airport is $250, almost half the cost of shipping it directly to
> Oslo, and once I get it to Amsterdam, I'm stymied. I have discovered that
> there are no boats to Oslo, and the European trains have pretty much
> stopped taking checked goods. Guess they would rather people drive than
> take train and bike vacations or any other trips requiring much luggage.
> I'm checking on getting it to come up with the twice-weekly fruit truck
> from Amsterdam to a local store. Other methods are too expensive, compared
> with the straightforward shipping from the manufacturer.
> I may just go with the surface shipping route. But I haven't given up.
> Other than rebooking my plane ticket to come directly to Copenhagen, which
> I think is too expensive now, the only other realistic possibility to get
> anywhere from Amsterdam seems to be coordinating a trip north with someone.
> Anyone planning to drive from Amsterdam to Oslo or someplace where I could
> catch a boat to Oslo--Kiel, Luebeck (I think there are Oslo boats?),
> Copenhagen, Fredrickshagen (or however it's spelled in English)--on or
> about January 13? Shoot, even Hamburg would be close enough to the Baltic
> that I could pedal from there. Or do you know anyone who might be making
> that trip?
> And no, I'm not pedalling all the way, despite an offer from a potential
> stoker. Kiel and Luebeck look enticingly close on a map of Europe, but a
> 350+ km winter trip seems a foolhardy way to test ride a brand new HPV.
> Cheers,
> Carl
> A kinetic Yankee in King Harald's port
> Oslo, Norway

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