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Fietstocht Botswana

hier een bericht voor mensen die van fietstochten houden, die wat van de botswaanse (?) 
natuur willen zien, en die wel een week vrijwillig huizen wilt bouwen samen met de 
toekomstige bewoners daar.

August 5-24, 1996

For more info: check out our homepage at:

Join 100 cyclist from all over the world as we bike and build our way across
Botswana. We'll meet in Gaborone and bike 5 days-300 miles-to Francistown. In
Francistown we'll build houses for 5 day in partnership with the future
homeowners. We'll then bike another 300 miles to Kasane, Botswana,celebrate the
completion of the event and tour the beautiful Chobe Game Park.

The funds raised by this event will build 60 homes sheltering over 250 people.
The need for these homes in Botswana is tremendous.  While we will be in
Botswana for only 3 weeks, we will leave behind visible, tangible evidence of
our visit - houses!! If you are considering an overseas tour this year - join
us! Your participation in this event will make a difference!

Cost to participate: US$300 entry fee; airfare; plus each team member must raise
$$ as a donation to the Botswana Habitat for Humanity building fund.

Email Bill Harris (73542.461 at compuserve) or Elizabeth Earle
(elizabeth_earle at habitat.org) for more info.
Brochures, flyers and fundraising info are available from Elizabeth. Her
telephone number in U.S.  is 1-800-HABITAT x666.

P.S. Voor vragen contact opnemen met bovenstaande personen, ik weet verder van niets.
Bart Dirkson                I ride a flevobike racer, and I like it
NVHPV on : http://huizen.dds.nl/~bart7     (sorry: Dutch only)

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