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Re: Introduktie

At 09:52 29-04-96 -0400, you wrote:
>Except for the latin 'Cogito ergo sum' I did not understand your post.
>Since I did not understand one word from your post,
>I am afraid I will ask you to translate your correspondance
>in French or in English.
>Je suis dans l'impossibilit=E9 de vous transmettre un message dans la
>langue que vous utilisez pour correspondre avec moi.
>Parlez-vous latin?
>Veuillez traduire vos messsages soit en anglais ou encore en fran=E7ais.
>Roger 'velo-hospitalite' Gravel

Hello Roger,

I'm sorry, but I thought I sent this mail to a Dutch mailing-list about
So either you are a member of a Dutch mailing list, and you should expect a
lot more Dutch messages, or I'm mistaken and should address my messages

Sender: ligfiets at ffshq.IAEhv.nl
To: "Ligfietsen" <nlhpv at ffshq.IAEhv.nl>

These lines in your mail, however suggested that I'm right?

Arjen Haayman                                                     cogito
e-mail: ahaayman at pi.net                                             ergo
s-mail: Gelselaar 20, 7414 BX  Deventer; The Netherlands         bicyclo
Phone (+31) 570-641938                                                 o

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