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(Fwd) 1996 European HPV Championships - more information

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Date:          Mon, 17 Jun 96 20:09 BST-1
From:          dr_technical at cix.compulink.co.uk (Dave Larrington)
Subject:       1996 European HPV Championships - more information
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Hi everyone!

Further information on the forthcoming European HPV Championships below.  
Thanks to Jonathan Woolrich for forwarding them...


Thurs: 1200 on  Saffron Lane Sports Centre: Registration, number 
allocation, T-shirt and Bruntingthorpe pass distribution. Campsite open. 
Shower and toilet facilities available 

Fri: 0930 to 1200       Saffron Lane: Registration continues

     1000 to 1300       Standing start 1Km sprints on velodrome

     1430 to 1800       10 minute 10 competitor races with 
                        'upward progression' of 1st, 2nd & 3rd

     2000 to 2200       European Club officers to discuss IHPVA matters

There will be some catering available at the velodrome. There are a 
number of take-away food shops and supermarkets nearby.  

Sat: Bruntingthorpe Proving Grounds South of Leicester
     0900 to 1130       200m flying start sprints. Faster vehicles to run 
                        first on 2Km long run up. Short run up available
                        later. Running order based on velodrome results.

     1200 to 1730       30 min mass start races. Flat but varied course.
                        Heats and final.

Bruntingthorpe canteen will be open, there are also local pubs providing 
food. The Proving Grounds are a secure area. To get in you and your 
guests must show event passes at the gate house.

Sun: 0800 to 1200       25 mile (40 Km) time trial starting near Syston,
                        North of Leicester. Riders start at 1min
                        intervals. Start order will be given on Saturday.
                        We will be aiming to start slower riders first in
                        order to keep the length of the event down.
                        The early start is to avoid traffic. Mostly
                        straight, gently rolling course on Fosse Way 
                        Roman Road.

Results board and Traditional British time trial tea and cakes available 
at time trial HQ in Syston.

     1300 to 1500       50M sprints along Gallowtree Gate in Leicester
                        city centre
     1530               Prize givings and farewells


Camping:                Saffron Lane Sports Centre. Charge of #5.00 per
                        night. Security cover will be provided at all
                        times. There are changing rooms and showers. A
                        toilet block will be open all night.

Holiday Inn:            Twin bedded and double bedded rooms available at
                        #50.00 per night for room and breakfast for 2.
                        Single rooms #45.00
                        Tel 0116 253 1161
                        Fax 0116 251 3169
                        Please mention HPV champs for discounted rate

Other:                  Information on B&B accommodation can be obtained
                        from  Leicester Tourist Information Office
                        Tel 0116 265 0555
                        Fax 0116 255 5726

Rules will be BHPC rules - faired and unfaired classes. Machines with 
*functional* tail boxes are allowed in the unfaired class. (See earlier 
class rules info)

On Monday there will be a group riding from Leicester to Lancaster to go 
to 'Cyclefest'. This is an event for all types of cycling from 31 July to 
5th August including an HPV race on Sat 3rd August. For details see 
Cyclefest Home Page:


Registration - Vicky Andrews
Tel & Fax 01524 732533.
Main organiser - John Bradshaw
e-mail JRB at dial.pipex.com
Fax 01524 68942
Tel 01524 63446 X 474

Dave Larrington

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