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Raven Goes To Amsterdam . . .

Hello HPV folks: 
I am planning a North European excursion with my USA made  
Raven trike; it is quite a new design. Perhaps you saw my long posts  
on its behavior on the IHPVA Trike list some months ago.  
August 24 I expect to arrive in Copenhagen where I will bike with  
a friend for the week and then spend a few days in Hamburg, DE.  
So far, my plans after that are uncertain until I am able find out  
more about the bike routes in the Netherlands. 
Ideally, I would like to ride my trike from Hamburg to  
Amsterdam along the R1 and LF4 or, if weather is likely to  
be favorable in very early September, along the Northern  
coast route, the LF1, I believe. 
My trike is wide, just under a meter so there would be a  
problem if sections of the route are too narrow for passing  
others. Are the paths also used by skaters and dog walkers as  
is generally the case in the USA? In comparing the two routes  
or, if necessary, also the road, which is more beautiful, wider, 
faster and has better surfaces? 
I do not yet have bike maps for the Netherlands but I am  
estimating from a small road map that the North Sea route might  
be about 300 kilometers and the LF4 some 200 plus kilometers.  
If I don t stop too often I should be able to average 60 to 100 a  
day, so perhaps 4 days plus 2 or 3 days from Hamburg to the  
LF1 or LF4. That would bring me to Amsterdam on the 11 or 12  
of September, earlier if I must use the train for part of the trip.  
Does this seem to approximate reality?  
Equally important, would anyone want to see and ride this  
one-in-front, FWD trike? Like the Flevo design it is without  
a fork but steering is accomplished in a very different fashion.  
I expect to stay at the Bike Hotel for a few days, wallow in  
Vermeers, visit the IBC show, take a side trip or two and  
oggle a Chinkara. Is the shop in Haarlem a good place to see  
Dutch and German recumbents? 
 I am without a room reservation until I am more certain of plans.  
I can supply the e-mail address of friends in Amsterdam  
for contact. 
Are the bike route maps still only in Dutch? Are other maps  
suitable or are the trails sufficiently well marked? 
Any information you have time to send would be most appreciated. 
rlowell at pipeline.com  [Ross Lowell]

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