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Re: (null)

Info about FFS Headquarters

-- This text is still under construction. Last update : April 17th, 1996 --

This text can be obtained by sending a mail to ' ffsinfo at ffshq.IAEhv.nl '.

Contents :

1. What/Who is FFS Headquarters (FFS Hq) ?

2. FFS Hq on Internet.
2.1. Why on Internet?
2.2. How are we connected with Internet?
2.3. What can we do for you
2.3.1. Mailinglist server
2.3.2. Automatic sending of texts


1. What/Who is FFS Headquarters (FFS Hq) ?

FFS Hq is not a company, not a organisation, government or whatever.
FFS Hq is 1 (one) person. He made this name up 7 years ago, when he entered
the world of modems.

2. FFS Hq on Internet.

2.1. Why on Internet?
FFS Hq is on-line since 1989. First only talking to people through 
BBS-systems. Later, FFS Hq joined Fido-Style networks, to get in touch
with people from all over the world. 

In 1993, he entered the world of Internet. First at a small base, but since 
the autumn 1994 the frequency of using it became greater and greater.

On this moment, FFS Hq receives about 110 emails per day. FFS Hq sends away
120 emails per day (including all the mailinglist messages). The manager of 
FFS Hq, Ralf van Dooren, receives about 50 private mails per day and replies
to most of them.

FFS Hq believes that through the Internet, people can speak fairly free about
their opinions. It therefore joined in the famous Dutch Scientology sue, by
making the Fishman Affidavit available through WWW.

2.2. How are we connected with Internet? 
Being just a private person, FFS Hq hasn't got enormous budgets to hire
24h lines to an IP. We just have access through a simple dial-in line, 
with a V.34-modem. At this moment, our server makes a connection 4 times
a day. 

2.3. What we can do for you
Right now, we provide two services for you :

1) Mailinglist server
2) Automatic sending of texts

2.3.1. Mailinglist server
FFS Hq runs a mailinglist server. When you want to have your mailinglist,
please send an email to : maillist-request at ffshq.IAEhv.nl
Within a day, you'll receive a form. Read it, fill it in and send it to
the address stated in the form.

After receiving your form, we'll consider your request. Unless circumstances
makes it impossible, you'll get an answer within a week.

2.3.2. Automatic sending of texts
We can create a email address for you in the ffshq.IAEhv.nl domain. When 
people send a mail to this address, they will receive the text you have
provided to us.

When you want to make use of this service, please email : 

        automail-request at ffshq.IAEhv.nl

with subject : REQUEST FOR AUTOMAILER <address-you-want-to-have>
In the body of the message you copy the text you want to be sent.

When we receive your request, we'll set it up for you. We *do* have
the privilige to reject your request.

For further questions : servhelp at ffshq.IAEhv.nl

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